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19 10 09
I have an offer from the University of Southampton! I have a conditional offer for a three- or four-year course in Mathematics, under the requirement that I obtain two A grades and a B grade at A level, with the B specified as having to be in Further Mathematics. I already have an A* in Mathematics, and I'm on course to get an A* in Further Mathematics, so it's just a case of getting an A grade in Religious Studies or Chemistry. I am on cloud nine right now. :D
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19 10 09 (UTC)
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19 10 09 (UTC)
mercoledi: TO THE NEGI CAVE, ROBIN. (Negimobile)
Now, dear, the questions are:

A. Are you going to take it?
B. If so, how much like a rabid hyena will you jump on it?
19 10 09 (UTC)
getinnocuous: A picture of Nozomu Itoshiki from the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei. (Zetsubou shita!)
I don't have to decide until I get responses from my other four choices. :> It's probably my second choice at the moment, though, behind Oxford.
20 10 09 (UTC)
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Nice work! Good luck with the rest you have to do then. =)
20 10 09 (UTC)
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Thanks! :D
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